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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Due to healthcare directives and guidelines, effective Monday March 23, 2020 our office will begin transitioning all non-emergency in-office sessions to our Online Telemedicine platforms.  

Current models indicate COVID-19 will peak in our area on May 23, 2020.  Models also predict that "social distancing" alone would result in 400,000 deaths in the State of Texas, whereas "shelter in home" is predicted to lower that number to 5,000.  As we want to be part of the solution and not the problem, we will begin transitioning immediately.

This has been a difficult, but necessary choice.  Though I enjoy working face to face with each and every one of you, the new online platforms are so good that it isn't a prudent choice to risk the physical health of your families.  

Please know that our office is not, however, new to the online/Telemedicine world.  We have been using it for years to work with couples all around the country as well as those who are deployed overseas in the armed forces.  The systems are very user friendly, and if you're attending couples counseling sessions, you and your spouse don't even have to be in the same place.  

If you have a current in-office appointment, either one of our staff or Dr. Carpenter himself will be contacting you prior to your appointment to make sure you understand how to attend your session online in the comfort of your home or office.

To the extent you can, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.

Thank you.