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Anger Management Counseling

Anger Management Counseling

You can change right now.

Perhaps you have come to this page on your own because you realize your anger has gotten you in trouble one too many times.  On the other hand if you’re like many others, you’re here because someone in your life, perhaps a wife, or your boss has given you an ultimatum.  Still others may be here because a judge, probation or parole officer has ordered you into counseling.  Regardless of how you ended up here, you’ve taken an important first step.  Your concern now is likely, “How fast can I change?”

That’s not an unreasonable question.  The problem with anger counseling is that by the time most people seek help, it’s because there is already a massive fire burning.  For some of you that may be a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend who has had enough and has said they’re through.  Counseling to get to the root cause of issues with your parents and childhood is fine for certain phobias, but in cases of anger and rage, just like a fire burning next to a propane tank, the most important thing right now is to put the fire out.  For some people with severe rage issues, each day that goes by without getting the anger under control is a day that places relationships, jobs, and even people at risk.

For these reasons and others I take what is clinically known as a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach to anger management counseling.  Make no mistake; Brief Therapy doesn’t mean all your challenges are gone at the end of one session.  It does, however, give you the tools to start making those changes right now, and for those around you to see a change.  This is a very proven method with a strong track record spanning several decades.  It was developed by The Center for Anger Resolution, is taught to counselors seeking certification, and is has even been endorsed by Dr. John Gottman who stated that the course textbook is, “This is the best of all anger management books that I have ever seen. I think it is a MUST for anyone working with people out of control, or whose anger escalates. It should be a part of every therapist’s library,”  and that the “points are incredibly insightful.”

You can change right now.

For Court Ordered or Employer Ordered Cases:

If you have been ordered to anger management counseling by a judge, probation officer, employer, or other similar instance, a letter will be provided to indicate compliance and completion of your sessions.

For Spouses and Couples:

We have been raised to think of our home as a place of safety, a refuge from the harsh demands of the outside world.  Home is the one place where we are supposed to receive unconditional love, nurturing, acceptance, warmth and support.  It is a place where we are meant to feel safe.  But for some, home is the opposite. –Newton Hightower, Director of the Center for Anger Resolution

In many cases anger drives relationships to a trauma stage.  You may be thinking of separation.  On the other hand perhaps you have already separated and would like to work things out, but the anger and rage have to be gotten under control.  In such situations it’s often useful for the spouse to be present as a consultant to the counselor.  In sessions such as these, my goal is to not only get the rage under control, but to teach valuable communication skills to keep things from escalating.

If you or someone you know is dealing with rage issues and would like more information on anger management sessions, contact us online, or call the office at 469-225-9040.

Dr. Carpenter is a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist.