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Prepare/Enrich Assessments


The Prepare/Enrich assessment tool is offered not only as a couple's assessment, but in a parenting version as well. For those who are considering marriage or may be looking for a "Couples Check-up," the couple's version gives each partner insight into their strength and growth areas as a couple. With this information, they can quickly look at their assessment, see the growth area and it will immediately direct them to exercises in their workbook so they can learn to resolve challenges before they become real issues.

The parenting version of Prepare/Enrich is geared toward parents of blended families. With so many couples embarking on their second marriage and bringing kids together from previous relationships, it's often a challenging endeavor that doesn't always work out as seamlessly as The Brady Bunch. Different parenting styles can cause conflict amongst the children as well as the parents. It's in areas such as this that the Prepare/Enrich Parenting Assessment can give the couple as well as the counselor great insight into what is needed to make everyone feel heard and appreciated.

Prepare/Enrich group programs are also available for your organization.

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