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Hypnotized - A Documentary About Chronic Pain


“Did you know more Americans died last year from an overdose of medically prescribed pain medication than C***ine, A****ol, and H***in combined? Did you know that for the first time ever, more Americans died last year from pain medication than car accidents?  (We apologize for the *** edits.  We are required to delete the terms under Google's policies.)

This is not a good trend. What if there was a better way? One that was natural, organic, and right inside our own minds?

Discover how hypnosis and the power of our subconscious mind might be a better answer for Chronic Pain in our NEW Documentary – HYPNOTIZED” (HMI, 2014).

The above video is an excellently produced documentary by George Kappas and the production team at the HMI College of Hypnotherapy about using hypnosis to deal with chronic pain.  It’s less than 45 minutes long and follows two long time chronic pain sufferers through their journey of sessions with instructor and staff hypnotherapist John Melton. 

If you or someone you love is dealing with chronic pain and would like more information, contact us online or call office at 469-225-9040.

Please note that the body uses pain as a warning signal or alarm, and only a licensed physician is qualified to make a determination as to if it is safe to turn the severity of a pain off, or even down.  We want what is best for our clients and that means making sure that their condition is being supervised by a medical doctor.  Therefore a medical referral is required for sessions involving pain management.


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