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Online Waiting Room

Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, many Telemedicine platforms have become overloaded and on any given day may present check-in challenges.  Therefore we have added a second platform.

VSee is our Online Waiting Room of choice and we suggest you use it if at all possible.  If you are unable to use that system because of internet overloading, you can move to the Doxy Waiting Room.

We will watch for you in both waiting rooms in case one is experiencing technical challenges due to the COVID-19 overloads.  We suggest you arrive a few minutes early.  Dr. Carpenter will pull you into the session as soon as he completes the session before you.


If you have attended online sessions prior to the COVID-19 Crisis, you are probably familiar with VSee.  VSee has been our platform for years, and is a favorite. When all is working well, the video and audio are superior.  This system does require you to download an app; however, it is a very simple task.  Some iOS users may be asked for a room code.  If so, use the room code CARPENTER.  Once you install the app you do not need to set up a username and password.  If it asks you for one after installing, simply close everything and go bak to the waiting room.

To enter our VSee Online Waiting Room, CLICK HERE.


Doxy is currently our backup system.  As long as your internet browsers are current on your computer or mobile device, Doxy works without having to download apps or plugins.  The price to be paid for not requiring an app or plugin is that quality is not as superior.

To enter our Doxy Online Waiting Room, CLICK HERE.

Phone Sessions:

Video sessions are interactive and allow handouts and other reference materials to be shared on the screen; however, if necessary sessions via telephone are available as well.  Contact us if you need to discuss this option.

If you have any issues, you may call the office at 469-225-9040.