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Hypnotherapy for Habit Control

Perhaps few other challenges are so uniquely suited to hypnotherapy as habit control.  Habits can be complex, and while an in depth discussion on the various aspects such as neural pathways is beyond the scope of this discussion you should understand that generally speaking, you don’t simply negate a habit, but rather you create a new pathway.  Unfortunately when improperly handled, the new pathway may be simply another negative habit.   

Habits are ingrained responses that are programmed in the subconscious/unconscious mind which is why those who try to correct the problems on the surface can meet with such resistance.  Our conscious mind holds our logic, reason, willpower and judgment, but all these wonderful higher tools do little when the “association” we’re trying to correct is on the other side of the wall in the subconscious mind.  The good news however is that this barrier that is there to protect the subconscious mind from undue influences and negatives also serves as the very gateway that opens to allow access to those associations when in the hypnotic state.  

By utilizing this natural gateway that was implemented by the master architect of the human body himself, a trained hypnotherapist can help you create a newer, more healthy association and in doing so replace issues such as:

    • Tardiness
    • Study Habits
    • Teeth Grinding or Bruxing
    • Nail Biting
    • Hair Twisting
    • Weight Issues
    • Self-Defeating Behaviors

To learn more about this natural gateway of the mind that opens during the hypnotic state, and allows access to these association, take a look at the Theory of Mind slideshow.

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William Carpenter holds certifications for Cessation work, EFT, and is a Certified Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist by the American Hypnosis Association.