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Hypnotherapy for General Self-Improvement

Whether it’s academics, athletics, a desire to improve one’s memory, reach new goals, deal with stress more effectively, or overcome jealousy there is a lot to be offered in the area of general self-improvement.  Some may be dealing with weight or cessation issues, while others might be trying to figure out why they can’t seem to find success in their professional life or personal relationships.  Still others may schedule a first session with no definable, specific, presenting problem.  These are the clients who might say, “I really don’t know why I’m here.  My friend said, ‘Just go see him and things will get better.’”  The list goes on and on.  Other common general self-improvement sessions often involve:

    • Self-Confidence
    • Motivation
    • Study Habits
    • Exam Anxiety
    • Self-Image
    • Chronic Worrying
    • Stage Fright
    • Procrastination

Whatever the case there is much to be offered through the realms of counseling, coaching, and hypnotherapy.  If you currently feel “stuck” or would like to discuss the possibility of scheduling a session in one of these areas, contact us online or call the office at 469-225-9040.

William Carpenter holds certifications in Hypnosis for Sports Performance, Habit Cessation, EFT, and is a Certified Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist by the American Hypnosis Association.